MyCCPay offers users access to their credit cards anywhere and at any time. With the portal, you can pay bills, manage cards 24/7, etc. Through the portal, you can access several credit cards. Total Visa Cards, First Access Visa Cards, Emblem MasterCards, and New Horizon MasterCards. 


The Total Card, Inc. (TCI) manages credit cards on behalf of its clients. Through a single website,, cardholders will be able to access their credit card accounts. With any of the above credit cards, you will probably have been instructed to create an account with MyCCPay.

MyCCPay Cards

First Access Visa Card: Individuals with bad credit can get a First Access Visa Card.  If your credit is awful and you have no other options, you should absolutely avoid applying for this credit card.  A few people have such poor credit that they need to use credit cards like The First Access Visa Card. Consumers who cannot get better cards can use this credit card, which comes at a high cost. 

The card will cost you $89.99 to process, $75 per year (first year, then $48), and $75 per year for servicing (no fee for the first year). It is evident to anybody who knows about credit cards that these fees should never be charged to consumers. It is best to improve your credit as soon as possible and find a new card if you have such a card.

Total Visa Card: The fee structure of the Total Visa Card is the same as that of the First Access Visa Card. This is another one of those credit cards designed for consumers with no other choice. A significant problem with this card is that it comes with excessive fees for consumers who have no other choice.


Emblem MasterCard, Access MasterCard, and New Horizon MasterCard: Total Card, Inc. offers three MasterCard Credit Cards. Three of the Credit Cards seem to be the least popular. After doing some research, it appears these three cards are not necessarily very popular. The reviews are not all that plentiful, and in fact, many of these reviews are from customers who are very unhappy with these cards.